final battle once a day

xiugotnojams said: I'm not too sure why you like picking on me, but you always seem to start then back out. So heres what you need to hear. You're in serious need of some mental help. I don't know you irl, nor did I ever, and you dont know me. So for you to say mean things with no reason is pointless. Ive done nothing in my life to ever be mean to you. Ive never done anything wrong towards you. Dont take out your shitty life problems on me. Because I dont deserve the hate. Get a life :) Thank you.

Actually I’ve been admitted into a psychiatric hospital for the past few months and I got diagnosed with having schizophrenia so I’m pre sure I’ve got my life all sorted out, also my bands gonna be on my local radio station where as I’m goin up in the ladder of my life where as you……now what’re you doin? Probably fuck all with your life so wanna take your irrelevant arse out and off my tumblr for reasons I don’t really wanna be associated with you anymore??? I unfriended you like three fuckin years ago man get over it seriously. 

89 plays

My fucking feelings right now. Forgot about a great band like these guys.

I see nothing in your eyes.


And the more I see the less I like. 

Fuckin touché.


I am suffocating
You have failed to pull me in
I will drag you down again
Life is unrelenting
Feeding lies into my head
I will feed the lies you live

Now you want to take me down
As if I even care
I am the monster in your head
And I thought you’d learn by now
It seems you haven’t yet
I am the venom in your skin
And now your life
Is broken

My head’s so fucked up inside, shut up, I know, I said so! There is no way to recover
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